Training courses

Training Pic Basic Autodesk Fusion360 and 3D Clinic with Fariz

Beginner Date: TBD Time: 12.00p.m.-2.00p.m.
Fee: RM25 Venue: Evolve3D PJ Workshop Slot limit: 5 people

3d drawing software can be difficult to learn by oneself. Join us in this small group to mingle and kickstart your 3d modelling skill. You will be trained on the commonly used operation in 3d model editing and apply the skills to design your own idea. You will also have a session during the course to get FREE consultation about your design project.

Coming soon

Training Pic Post Processing for 3D print 1 (Hands-on) with Syamsul

Intermediate Date: TBD Time: TBD
Fee: TBD Venue: Evolve3D PJ Workshop Slot limit: 5 people

A perfect product needs to be polished. In this course we will learn how to post process FDM 3d printed parts to perfection with different methods: Sanding, Priming, Acetone Treatment and more.

Coming soon

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