Our Services

3D Printing and Post Processing

With in depth understanding and experience, we offer our best 3d printing and post processing services. Utilize us to cut down the time, cost and hassle of your projects. Whether you are into rapid prototyping, customized part solution, on-demand production or small scale manufacturing. We are here to provide quality and speedy service.

Price per gram: RM1~2 (PLA/ABS), RM2~4 (TPU). Other materials please state.
Post processing: Sanding, painting, gloss, acetone vapor smoothing, mechanical and electronics installation. Other please state. Price varies.

Laser Cut and Engrave

Harness the speed of laser cut to make your prototype even faster with sheet materials. 80W Laser with 100cm x 80cm cut size. Can use our stock or bring your own. Acrylic, MDF, Papers, Rubber stamp, Various plastics, Leather and Thin Metal Sheet.
Contact us for custom cutting or engraving.

CAD Design

Turning an exciting idea into real object can be tough, especially when you have limited resources and not familiar with CAD design softwares. We are here to help you completing your innovation, at the same time giving useful insight about material and manufacturing practices for your product in later stages.


We provides training sessions to help our customer to get on 3d printing technology in short time and in the correct way. We will be giving away the know-how and hands-on tips in how to make a 3d printed object from the initial idea. Topics include, introduction to 3d printing, maintaining 3d printers, CAD design, robotics in 3d printing, hands on workshop and more.

Repair and Maintenance

Errors or malfunction of working device can affect a business greatly, especially when deadline is drawing near. Pick up the phone and get us to fix your 3d printer in express so that you can put your focus back on your work.

3D Print Workstation Setup

We provide consultation and planning for setting up professional 3d printing station, 3d printer farm and post processing work place. It can be in university, school, office, factory, common workspace or your personal workshop.