Anycubic Mega Enclosure

Anycubic Mega Enclosure

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Full transparent acrylic enclosure specifically designed for Anycubic Mega.

Fitting an enclosure to Mega is considered essential to print ABS, ASA, Nylon and other material that tends to warp. It is one of the most powerful add-on one can bring to a FDM 3d printer. Trapping the heat inside the build zone not only conserve electricity but also greatly boosts print quality.


- Enable printing of ABS and other materials that tends to warp
- Reduce electricity consumption by 30%
- Reduce machine noise
- Retain air temperature in enclosure 40°C~45°C
- Stronger layer-to-layer bonding
- Reduce warping
- Makes printing more resilient to humidity and temperature of surrounding


- 4mm thick acrylic
- High tensile screws
- Space-saving magnetic front and side door
- Filament filter wipes filament clean before enter enclosure
- Sturdy packaging
- 13 colors to choose from

**Note: This product does not include the 3d printer. 

Package includes:

- DIY Kit for Mega Enclosure
- Tools to assemble