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Bigger and faster - HEVO-300.

A 3d printer with Core XY system and bigger printing area. Core XY system allows quality print with higher speed. HEVO-300 is designed with printable area 30cm x 30cm x 35cm and removable magnetic bed. Print parts are easy to remove by removing the magnetic print bed. 

Bold aluminium 3030 frame added with double z-axis lead screw provide ultimate stability to the print. It is a huge advantage compared common large i3 format 3d printer especially when printing tall objects.

This printer is fully assembled with proper calibration and the machine is ready to print. Step by step picture guide, English and Chinese instruction. Purchasing the item from Evolve3D provides 1 year warranty and local technical support.

Package includes:

> 1 x HEVO-300
> 1kg 1.75mm PLA filament
> 1 x SD Card
> 1 x Handy Kits
> 1 x Filament Holder
> 1 x Scrapper
> 1 x Tweezer


> Readily assembled and calibrated
> Ultra sturdy CoreXY format
> 30cm x 30cm x 35cm spacious print bed size
> Heated bed provides strong adhesion to printed object
> Removable magnetic print bed
> Direct drive extrusion system with E3D print head
> Able to print PLA/ABS filaments and more.
> Fully integrated and upgraded main board.
> Touch screen control panel, operate the printer with ease.
> Filament run out detection
> Fully local support and 1 year warranty