Anycubic Mega X

Anycubic Mega X

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Print Bigger, Mega X

With a build volume of 300 x 300 x 305 mm, is the Anycubic Mega X. A supersized Anycubic Mega S, if you will. These large print volume puts it enough space to print a full-size helmet in one piece.

The all-metal frame and compact chassis not only make for a sleek look, but also ensure for little unwanted printer movement and overall build quality. Once this printer is set up, that’s it – no need to readjust every time you so much as touch it. Having a massive print bed is awesome, more so when it’s an Ultrabase print bed. This once novel (but now widely imitated) glass bed is coated with a porous microstructure that, in our experience, is second to none for print adhesion. Especially when printing PLA. The bed can heat up to 60°C in two minutes, has a maximum temperature of 90°C, and most importantly it does carry that heat across the whole print surface.

This printer does not need assembly. It only requires the user to put up a few screws and the machine is ready to print. Step by step picture guide, English manual. Purchasing the item from Evolve3D provides 6 months warranty and local technical support.

Package includes:

> 1 Anycubic Mega X
> 1 x English user manual
> 1 x SD Card
> 1 kg 1.75mm PLA filament
> 1 x Power Cord
> 1 x  SD card reader
> 1 x Backup hotend set


> High performance Titan extruder with excellence filament pushing power, able user to print flexible filament like TPU
> Rigid suspended metal filament rack to maximize space 

> 30cm x 30cm 30.5cm spacious print volume.
> Heated bed with composite coating provides strong adhesion and easy removal to printed object.
> Able to print PLA/ABS/HIPS/Wood/TPU filaments and more.
> High Reliable Power Supply, compliance with UL60950-1 enhanced the safety performance
> Dual Sideway rail design improves the stability of heat bed
> Effortless leveling with big leveling knob for much more convenient grip