Evolve3D Launch

After months of preparation, Evolve3D is finally ready to launch!

From assembling the crew, curating 3d printers, products testing, random issues troubleshooting, laying out promotion networks, growing company culture, we had came a long way. But, we know, this is just the beginning.

Creating and running a startup in Malaysia is not easy, a learnt hard fact for a band of greasy engineers. We had no idea about making promotion campaign, creating website, or writing a blog post. All we knew is how to assemble our machines and how to design the next product in the catalog.

We first saw 3d printers at a local electronic fair in 2013. We are so amazed. Ever since, we had been working with it for a long time. From the original RepRap, then Anet, then nowadays Prusa i3, we had so much fun.

While we reach out the web to communicate with the international 3D printing communities, deep down we crave a vibrant Malaysian 3D printing community, somewhere we can exchange ideas and share experience. Hence, we decided to do this. First, provide local community affordable 3d printers and materials. At the same time, putting Malaysia 3D printing community in the cradle of Malaysian makers.